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It may be clear or not, but if you take a moment to have a look – a really good look! – at the last
hour, chances are that you’ve been rushing in one way or another.

The ticking clock  gets you to move faster with clear focus and often with a rush of adrenalin,
because – well, you might run late and head-on into trouble!

Then there is the rush of getting one thing done just so you can do something else. Without us
realising, this is the main cause for rushing on a daily basis, hourly, this very minute, and a major
culprit when it comes to a build-up of anxiety.

So, before you continue reading,  briefly check if you’re reading this article quickly in order to get to the important bits, to the next click or to the next input? Okay. Did you take the time to check ‘briefly’? See? There’s yet another kind or rushing. We do it all the time. Why did you rush now? Because you have to….?Why do you rush home to quickly get the shopping out of the bags to cook dinner, in order to eat and get the kids to bed and clear the kitchen, just so you can be free to do the work you left too late last night and then couldn’t continue reading your book which, incidentally,  you are wanting to read tonight and you’re looking forward to this highlight of your day, for which you will definitely find the time this evening? Breathe.

We manage to wonder why we feel exhausted, stressed out, frustrated and even resentful or angry by the end of the day, without having accomplished what we set out to do. What is it about us humans that we consider the next action, the next job, the next fun event, the next day, the next moment to be more important than the one we are finding ourselves in right now?

Is this one of the reasons why we enjoy travelling? Does the constant supply of new impressions and surprises help us to stop rushing ‘inside’ and to turn each new moment into a calmer and consciously lived “now”? Yet, even during holidays, we may find ourselves falling into our old trap and rush from place to place, sight-seeing to sight-seeing, taking photos, ticking off what is on our holiday list and, in doing so, missing the actual holy-days and the recharging of our exhausted batteries altogether.

Our long awaited holiday, which felt like an oasis in the year-long desert of work, doesn’t necessarily do the trick. Can’t we recharge those batteries daily? Apart from sleeping and the odd special event? Can’t we have a sense of holy-days all year around? Or at least holy-minutes? The more often we train ourselves to those holy-minutes throughout each day (even during our working hours!), the better we get at enjoying our time off, travelling or not, time with friends, time alone, time doing something, time doing nothing. It’s like a muscle, it requires training. It is like creating one mini-oasis after the other, building on each other. But how can we do this?

I hope that you’ve read the rest of this article less rushed than you started out. Go and do what is most important to you right now. Do it with as much presence as you can muster. Decide to dedicate this moment to doing exactly what you are setting out to do. Leave no space to be anxious about getting somewhere else to do something else. Watch your hands while you are using them. Take in the sounds, colours, shapes and smells around you. Feel your feet on the ground, the gentle brush of air on your skin, the soft pressure of your clothes. Take a deep breath in and enjoy the slow release of air, the sense of peace and calm it brings. Focus. Just for now. Only thereafter will be the time for something else – only then, not now. Indulge in the now.

These are the holy-seconds you can have any time, no matter where you are, what you do and what is going on around you. The most important aspect is that you teach yourself to enjoy training this muscle of yours. It will grow stronger very quickly. Love the little oasis’ you create with it. You will recharge your batteries constantly. Your daily life will get much richer and your holidays will turn into true holy-days.

Author: Anita Lotze, Self Empowerment Mentor/EFT Master Practitioner
Tel: +27 (21) 715 4514

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